Many people are struggling with anxiety. Understanding neurophysiology of anxiety may not be helpful in itself. Taking drugs or doing cognitive behavioural therapy are the most common ways of treating anxiety. By watching this Sam Harris Talks video you will learn, how meditation and mindfulness can be applied in the experience of anxiety.

The interpretation of the emotion of anxiety has a powerfull role to play. Interpreting the experience as a danger leads to fearfull thoughts. What you can do is to choose to step out of your fearfull thoughts and be mindfull about the feeling of anxiety, looking at it as a raw sensation or the energy. The thoughts behind the experience decide whether you feel anxious or not. Acceptance and openess to the emotion of anxiety is a different way of handling it.

At We.Care we offer help to overcome the mental challenges caused by anxiety. By signing up to this program you will gain access to information on how to overcome different mental challenges connected to anxiety. Furthermore you will be able to talk to our psychologists who will be able to offer specialised help to exactly the challenges you are dealing with.

Learn more about anxiety and how handle it.

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