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No waiting period

  • Authorized therapy when and where you need it
  • No waiting period, waiting room or transport
  • Get started with your treatment within 24 hours 
  • No need for a referral from your doctor

You are in a safe space

  • Talk with your psychologist from a safe space at home
  • It’s completely private and discreet
  • Choose our text based therapy if that method suits you better

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We will refund your full payments if your experience was unsatisfied

How To Get Started

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We will get back to you within 24 hours

We will find the absolute best suited therapist for you. Should you have any questions whatsoever, we will be ready to listen and guide you in our secure and encrypted Support-chat, or over the phone (+45 53 53 59 17).

Your Therapist Will Reach Out

Your therapist will write to you and help you get started with some questions, so that you two can start your conversation.

100% Flexibility

If you for whatever reason are not satisfied with our choice of therapist, you can change at any time. No questions asked.

Other people say

With his trustworthy and sincere interest, We.Care’s psychologist has given me the exact care and understanding of my situation I needed. Through concrete useful exercises and the feeling of never being alone with my problems, I am left with the feeling that I can move on well in my life. The comforting  feeling that I every day am guaranteed to be heard, understood and through dialogue am able to put more words on my thoughts, has given me the comfort and peace that I now feel more robust. I now have  the right tools to be able to act in an appropriate manner. Thanks.

– Lisbeth, 51 years old

My journey with We.Care has been absolutely fantastic. I quickly got a psychologist who I really vibed with. I was really glad I had someone to talk to when I found myself in difficult situations. I felt the need to get it all out when I had it in my head. I created a profile and got a psychologist to suit my needs. I wrote to my psychologist when I needed it – at night, in school, during the day – and then he replied the next time he was online. I have learned to reach out and say it out loud when I need help.

Emma, 20 years old

Living abroad and therefore not able to go to an ordinary Danish psychologist, We.Care has been perfect for me. My psychologist is both professional and kind and there are rarely any problems with the technical part.

– Peter, 20 years old

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Written psychological treatment

For  you who need more flexibility and prefers to express yourself in the written word. 


Write at any time


Receive an answer within 24 hours on all week days


Video consultations with the same psychologist can be purchased


100 % satisfaction guarantee

Write with your psychologist


(no binding subscription)

Try 1 consultation

For you who wants to try one consultation to begin with.


50 minute video consultation


Contact is established within 24 hours on all weekdays


Additional consultations can be purchased


100 % satisfaction guarantee

Talk with your psychologist


(single payment)

Couples Therapy: Try 1 Consultation

For you who want to rediscover closeness within the relationship. 90 min. video consultation so you both get plenty of time to talk.


90 minute  video consultation


As a couple you will be seated together while talking with your psychologist


Contact is established within 24 hours on all weekdays


100 % satisfaction guarantee

Talk to your psychologist


(single payment)

Monthly Consultation + Unlimited Written Therapy

For you who want a monthly video consultation and the possibility to write your psychologist when needed


50 minute video consultation each month


Unlimited text based therapy


Get a reply within 24 hours on all weekdays


100 % satisfaction guarantee

Talk and chat with your psychologist


(no binding subscription)

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Business coaching

Mental training

Couples therapy



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