Everybody is familiar with a feeling of fear. Most people are afraid of something. It has traditionally been thought that fears emerge from a bad experience that happened to us at some point in life. Some fears can be so severe that they interfere with the ability to function. In this video you will be introduced to an idea of how fears are not only learned but can also be inherited. Recent reseach shows how genetics and inheritance play an important role in developing fears. Even though we do not yet understand the roots of all phobias we do have some effective treatments for that.

At We.Care we offer help to overcome the mental challenges caused by fears. By signing up you will gain access to information on how to overcome different types of fears connected to anxiety. Furthermore you will be able to talk to our psychologists who will be able to offer specialised help to exactly the challenges you are dealing with.

Learn more about anxiety and mental health and how to handle it

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