Gaming and esport are filled with high intense situations as well as internal and external pressure, which is why it is important to have ice in the veins and stay calm, collected and focussed.

In this video you are introduced to a breathing exercise which will help you calm down, focus and take control over the situation you are in. The exercise is fairly short and simple, but at the same time extremely effective, as it allows you to regain control over your body in the heat of the moment.

When gaming or competing in esports you often encounter multiple high intense situations during a game, where this short and simple breathing exercise could be vital for you to regain control of your body as well of the game. Sometimes the rush of blood can run wild when stakes are at their highest in a game, whether it is with friends at home or at the big stage. Here it is important to take a step back and use this breathing exercise to firstly take control of your body and mind and then proceed to regain control over the game and have ice in the veins.

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The breathing exercise in the video can help you to wind down during the day or in bed before falling asleep. It’s an easy way to create a sense of peace in body and mind.

The breath is a good place to start when we need our body to calm down. It helps us to ground instead of being in our head. A simple breathing exercise we can call 4-4-4-4.

In this exercise you inhale in on a count of 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4 and hold for 4.

We believe that nobody should be alone in the midst of a tough time in their lives. Therefore we encourage you to speak up if you’re going through a difficult time in your life at the moment. We all do at some point in our lives.

Remember that you can find many resources on our website, and learn much more about mental health.

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