This video tells the story of Joe, who got into gambling at university so badly he couldn’t pay his rent and left without graduating. He then found a job and used all his spare money on gambling. He moved back in with his mum but continued to gamble, taking out loans and credit cards. He continued to live his life whilst gambling secretly but eventually came clean to his wife and got help. He wants to see better awareness of the warning signs of a gambling problem, more open discussion about these so that more people can reach out for support sooner.

In this video Joe (not his real name) is played by an actor but voices the words himself.

At We.Care we offer help to overcome the challenges caused by Gambling Disorder. By signing up you will gain access to a variety of informational content on Gambling Disorder, and how to improve your life, even when living with Gambling Disorder. Furthermore you will be able to talk to our psychologists, who will be able to offer specialised help tailored to your personal situation and challenges.

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