This article raises the questions whether video games has a negative or positive effect on your mental health.

There are many feelings connected to gaming. It can be positive feelings, such as a feeling of glory by winning a game or a feeling of unity by connecting with your friends or people around the world. But it can also be negative feelings, such as a feeling of despair or anger when getting defeated. Gaming is a fine balance between victory and defeat, and the feelings connected to these outcomes, which is why it is important to learn how to be able to deal with both possible outcomes!

In the article you will meet Wes, who has used gaming through a time where he was struggling. At We.Care many of our clients use video games as a hobby and way to relax, but for some video games becomes an escape and a problemtic part of their life. It’s not black or white of course, but this article is touching on a great question; What is the relationship between video games and mental health? Are video games good for your mental health?

Read about how gaming helped Wes’ mental health!

Furthermore you can also read how Oxford academics have suggested that gaming can benefit your mental health!

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