Anxiety can manifest as a feeling of worry or fear. Anxiety is a universal experience. Feelings of anxiety are perfectly normal. Anxiety becomes a problem if it develops into more servere or frequent anxiety than a person can tolerate.

In this video psychiatrist Lynne Drummond discusses symptoms and treatments of anxiety. By watching this video you will learn that anxiety contains two components: physical and emotional. The physical side of it can effect any parts of the body, like for example difficulties in briething. The emotional side of it can manifest as a loss of control or going mad. Anxiety is a symptom, not a diagnosis. It occurs because of different kinds of psychological conditions. It is therefore important to recognise it’s symptoms and get the necessary treatment.

Watch the video here

At We.Care we do offer help to overcome the mental challenges caused by anxiety. By signing up to this program you will gain access to information on how to overcome different mental challenges connected to anxiety disorder. Furthermore you will be able to talk to our psychologists who will be able to offer specialised help to exactly the challenges you are dealing with.

Learn more about anxiety and how handle it.

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