This video is about how one can seek to escape challenging times in ones life through gaming and in-game purchases of things like skins or FIFA points. If you have spent more money than you had in a difficult period of time in your life, you’re definitely not alone. 

In this video you are introduced to a guy who spent all of his savings on FIFA-packs as a coping mechanism for the difficulties he was going through in his personal life.

Lootboxes, packs and other “surprise mechanics” are becoming an increasingly larger part of gaming and they are by many seen as gambling and can cause an addiction. Whether it is to improve in-game appearance or to enhance in-game performance, these micro-transactions can rapidly get out of hand.

This is why it is important for gamers to be cautious and take action before things get out of hand, as gambling addiction can take it’s toll on your mental health as well as your economy.

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