Have you ever heard of the loop of anxiety? It can be characterised as a state of intensified physical symptoms, which triggers fearful thoughts, leads to increased level of anxiety and evolvement of vicious loop of anxiety.

Take an opportunity to watch this video, presenting Colin Bien’s personal story at Tedx Talks about suffering from a panic disorder due to a lot of stress. When you experience a panic attack you feel uncomfortable feelings, upsetting thoughts and distressing emotions. Perceiving these feelings as a threat leads to anxiety. Learn more about how breaking up bad loops and implementing good new routines and habits, can enrich your life with less stress and anxiety, leading to more balanced life.

At We.Care we offer help to overcome the mental challenges caused by anxiety. By signing up you will gain access to information on how to overcome loop of anxiety. Furthermore you will be able to talk to our psychologists who will be able to offer specialised help to exactly the challenges you are dealing with.

Learn more about anxiety and how handle it.

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