Why do some children develop autism? Pediatricians, geneticists and researchers are trying to find answers to this question. What do we actually know and not know about autism today? Why do we see epidemic of autism?

In this Ted talks video geneticist Wendy Chung is giving a factual talk about autism spectrum disorders. Autism is not a single condition. It is a spectrum of different disorders. A spectrum of disorders ranges for example from communication and eye contact problem to rocking body or banging head. Today more individuals are diagnosed with autism and get provided with neccessary educational materials. The definiton of autism has been changed over time and is widened today. The question remains though, what does cause autism?

There is a spectrum of idealogies to that. There is a misconception, that vaccines cause autism. Increased age of the father during conception is one of the reasons, contributing to development of autism. Gens account also for the risk of developing autism. According to research, genetics play an important role in autism: in some cases it is a combination of several gens, in other cases – one single gen counts for autism. Mutation of gens during conception, having no family history of autism, can also cause autism. Early diagnosis is critical. In some individuals medications is used as an intervention. Educational strategies of learning are widely used. New technologies have a huge impact on learning abilities.

At We.Care we offer help to overcome the mental challenges caused by autism. By signing up to this program you will gain access to information on how to deal with autism. Furthermore you will be able to talk to our psychologists who will be able to offer specialised help to exactly the challenges you are dealing with.

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