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Areas of expertise
Stress, performance anxiety, management and stress, anxiety, depression, personal development, communication and management

Broad clinical experience

Louise can provide psychological help for a wide range of psychological conditions and problems such as; anxietystressdepression, low self-esteem, relationships, couple therapy and familygrief and loss, study-related challenges, post-traumatic stress, sexuality or sexual challenges, personal development etc.

If you feel that your challenges are not covered by these categories, you should know that therapy with Louise will always be based on your specific issues. With professional eyes, she can help you deal with the thoughts you have and the situation you are in, so that you can get the course of treatment that best suits your needs.

In addition to a broad general experience Louise has further specialized in the following areas:

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About Louise

Age: 54 years

Work experience: My professional background and experience from both the clinical and occupational psychology field of practice is wide-ranging. Among other things, 10 years of experience with neuropsychological diagnostics, rehabilitation and individual interviews. Crisis management and trauma-focused therapy after sexual abuse. Occupational psychological experience with work-related stress, leadership coaching, personal development, team development, etc. Head of psychology and head of innovation in the development of psychological tools and training for the HR area. Project manager and development manager for the implementation of online therapy and health apps. Has completed more than 100+ online development- and therapeutic interviews.

Education: Cand.psych. from the University of Copenhagen, Master in Innovation and Management

Courses and continuing education: Courses and continuing education in neuropsychological and clinical assessment and treatment. Consultant training for organizational and training consultants. Courses in stress, communication, conflict management and emotional intelligence in organizations. Personal assessments and certifications in various occupational psychological tests. Project Management.

Languages: Psychological treatment in Danish and English

Please note: If it is exactly Louise you want to have an appointment with, then you just need to write it as a comment, when you register. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


Experiencing stress symptoms is a signal that you are out of balance in terms of well-being and stress. Prolonged stress in the environment (eg work pressure, poor working environment, life-threatening situations, private relationships) activates a psychological stress reaction. As an initial step in the conversation process, we will jointly identify what causes your stress reactions and how they affect your life and work situation. You will be introduced to various methods that can effectively reduce the intensity of your symptoms and strengthen your resources to re-establish better mental well-being. You should expect to practice different methods between our conversations, so that together we will find the one / those that work best for you.

Responsibility stress among managers

As a leader, you will constantly have to prioritize and deal with dilemmas that do not have simple solutions and this can lead to increased stress. Typical signs of responsibility stress in the leadership role are failing overview, reduced decision-making power, worrying thoughts and reduced confidence in one’s own ability to achieve expected results – at the same time as a general reduced mental well-being. The starting point for a process around responsibility stress is always a combination of taking into account your personal experiences and the organizational conditions. In the process, we will explore the external organizational framework and conditions for your management role and find possible changes and alternatives so that you can manage your stress reactions and rediscover the balance and job satisfaction.

Performance anxiety

Typical signs of performance anxiety are increasing anxiety, restlessness, high stress levels and negative thoughts about one’s own performance in connection with the performance of an important task or exam. The symptoms of performance anxiety can cause both mental and physical discomfort to such an extent that it prevents you from being able to perform at your optimal level. It can have major consequences for both self-esteem and general mental well-being if you can not control your performance anxiety. Based on your resources and symptoms, you are introduced to methods that can gradually help you regain control. We map your psychological competency profile so you do not have to fear situations where your performance is crucial. You can expect to have to practice different methods on an ongoing basis.

Louise’s form of treatment

In my form of treatment, I take as my starting point robustness as a psychological skill and ability to be able to regain the mental balance after periods of stress and reduced mental well-being. Robustness can be trained with support and insight into your own resources and learning new positive coping strategies. You will find that I always initiate a course with a focus on reducing your stress symptoms, while I support you in clarifying your personal goals for the course both in the short and long term. Taking into account your resources, goals and wishes, the effect of the treatment is evaluated on an ongoing basis.

My form of treatment is continuously structured around 5 phases, each with its own focus:
1st start-up – remove barriers, get started and set goals.
2. Assessment of stress level – map symptoms, trigger factors, coping.
3. Psychoeducation – learning and understanding of your symptoms and connections to your life and work conditions as well as options for action.
4. New coping strategies – identify positive alternatives and test and evaluate in practice
5. Closing – maintaining new coping strategies and preventing relapse going forward.

The structure helps to create a transparency for you – what you can expect, what should happen, what helps you best – and at the same time ensures that I always have an eye for your needs and progress. My methodological approach is primarily within the cognitive directions. I offer treatment in Danish and English.”

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