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Areas of expertise:
Occupational and Career Counselling, Relationships and conflict, Anxiety and Depression, Isolation, Personal Development, Gender identity, Stress, Anger Management and Health Psychology

Broad clinical experience

Emma can provide psychological help for a wide range of psychological conditions and problems such as; anxietystressdepression, low self-esteem, relationships, couple therapy and familygrief and loss, study-related challenges, post-traumatic stress, sexuality or sexual challenges, personal development etc.

If you feel that your challenges are not covered by these categories, you should know that therapy with Emma will always be based on your specific issues. With professional eyes, she can help you deal with the thoughts you have and the situation you are in, so that you can get the course that best suits your needs.

In addition to a broad general experience Emma has further specialized in the following areas:

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About Emma

Age: 57

Work experience: 11 years as a career counsellor, occupational psychologist and social/emotional counsellor

Education: MSc in Applied Psychology, University of Liverpool, UK

Other courses: Registered Psychologist & Psychometrist and Member within The British Psychological Society

Please note: If it is exactly Emma you want to have an appointment with, then you just need to write it as a comment, when you register. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Occupational/Career Counselling

I use a combination of psychometric testing and counselling to help young people explore career directions, and adults to explore career change options. You will be encouraged to consider choices that will suit your abilities, interests and personality, and hopefully, enable you to find a career that is fulfilling.”

Relationships and conflict

“I will help you examine your relationship problems and discuss possible sources of conflict in order for you to resolve your personal difficulties with other people. Very often our previous experiences colour our behaviour towards others without us realising it. Therapy may allow you to examine your perspectives and perhaps adjust those where it is necessary.

Health Psychology

Ill health or a distressing diagnosis can be lonely and frightening. Therapy may help you to cope with your reaction to your situation, understand your recovery process and treatment, and prevent further ill health. We can explore behaviours and health choices that may improve your quality of life going forward.

Emma’s form of treatment

“I believe that therapy is a very meaningful path to get to know your inner world. The most important thing is to get started – and the best time is always now. I can amongst other things help you if you suffer from long-term anxiety or other negative emotions, you’re bothered by obsessive thoughts, experience panic attacks, also, if you have difficulty in communication, family or couple relationships and want to start solving existing problems, get to know yourself and enjoy life more.

I generally practice Solution Focused Brief Therapy to help you identify and develop possible solutions to your own problems. I follow positive psychology in the belief that most people undertake therapy in an attempt to improve their thinking and behaviour. Open discussions with an objective therapist can help alter perspectives that enable change.

I moved from face-to-face to online therapy at the beginning of 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic forced us into working remotely. I realised that not only is online therapy a viable alternative, it is preferable to being there physically for many people. It allows people to discuss their issues in the privacy and comfort of their own homes and allows an element of anonymity that appeals to a lot of people.

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Licensed therapy through webcam

Video-consultations takes please like a traditional face-to-face live via web-cam on your computer, tablet or smartphone, as you know it from for example Teams or Zoom. But it takes place through We.Care’s self-developed encrypted and safe solution.

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Written psychological treatment

Written psychology-help takes place like on email, but through a encrypted and secure platform. You write exactly when it suits you and as often as you want to. Your psychologist will respond within 24 hours on working days.

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