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The internet can be a confusing place. Therefore we have asked our therapists to gather the best advice, tools and psychological counseling regarding loneliness. A well-arranged content universe for people, who want to know more about loneliness.

How to handle loneliness

How To Cope With Loneliness In 2021

This article written by Agnes Linney is about the challenges of loneliness, especially with our current lifestyles, where we are in many ways socially restricted due to COVID-19. The article goes through why it is hard for us to be alone, and what we can do to combat loneliness.

Read the article here


The Lonely Hour

The Lonely Hour is a podcast about loneliness – but it’s not a bummer. Julia Bainbridge has created a space to talk openly in hopes of both de-stigmatizing loneliness and underscoring the joys of solitude.

Read the full article and listen to the podcast here



How To Get Rid of Loneliness

About one in three adults suffer from loneliness. It can increase your risk of depression and early death, and it can affect your immune system. Loneliness is silent and contagious, but it can be overcome. In her talk, Olivia will share her insights on loneliness and how to beat it.



How Do We Manage Loneliness?

This video explores different views on how to manage loneliness and proposes possible antidotes based on ancient philosophy. These philosophies are mainly geared towards acceptance and transcendence.



You are not alone

Reading Strangers’ Secrets About Feeling Lonely

In this video by Jubilee, people have been invited to read aloud anonymous statements shared by people who experience loneliness. In the video, they also talk about what loneliness is, and different experiences of loneliness.

Watch the video here


I Have No Friends

In this TEDx talk, Courtney Ryman talks about her experiences with loneliness, and an underlying struggle with mental illness. She works actively to destigmatize mental illness and speaks about the value of human connection. Strength can be found even in times of weakness and Ryman hopes to inspire people to find the bravery to reach out for help.

Read the full article and watch the video here

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