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The internet can be a confusing place. Therefore we have asked our therapists to gather the best advice, tools and psychological counseling regarding stress. A well-arranged content universe for people, who want to know more about stress.

What is stress?

How stress affects your body

In this Ted-ed animation, Sharon Horesh Bergquist gives you a look at what goes on inside your body when you are chronically stressed.

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What is burnout?

In this video you are introduced to burnout, as well as what causes burnout and how burnout affects your mental well-being and everyday life.

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What is stress?

In this video you are introduced to some of the key factors that causes stress, and why every case of stress is different. Stress has to be taken seriously, as it can often lead to anxiety and depression, as well as other short and long term challenges.

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The pervasive effect of stress – is it killing you?

This podcast gives profound knowledge about the widespread impact of stress on our physical and emotional health. Learning how your body and mind work is a great way to become motivated to take the initiative for a healthier life.

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How Chronic Stress Harms Your Body

We can’t avoid having stress, and it is not always a bad thing. But if you are dealing with a lot of stress every day, it might cause you physical harm. In this video Hank Explains how chronic stress harms your body. He talks about the difference between acute and chronic stress and how the HPA-axis work.

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Occupational Burnout: When Work Becomes Overwhelming

In this video you will learn where the phrase “burnout” comes from, typical symptoms, the three main parts of occupational burnout, and who is most likely to get a burnout. It also explains the importance of how well-matched a person is to their job, autonomy, and social support.

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How to handle stress

What Parental Burnout Looks Like (and How to Avoid It)

In this video you will learn about the four main factors to a parental burnout, why it is important to identify it fast, associated traits, why striving for perfection can be bad, and how taking time to decompress can help.

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Emotion, Stress, and Health: Crash Course Psychology

In this video you will learn about how emotions work, the two-dimensional model of emotional experience, how anger, happiness, and depression affect health, and about the connection of stress, the nervous system, and chronic stress.

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Burnout and How to Complete the Stress Cycle

In the podcast you will learn about what causes a burnout, what it does to our bodies, and how we can move through emotional exhaustion.

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7 simple tips to reduce your stress right now

The video explains how laughter, making out with someone, chewing a gum, being surrounded by plants and nature, a relaxing ritual, music, or having a pet will lower you stress. What’s good about these tips is that they are practical means that you can go to when stressed.

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You are not alone

Teen Stress From a Teens Perspective

A simple experiment to discover what stresses high school students leads to disturbing results that soon become a story on their own. Michaela Horn shares her journey, results, and the alarming turn of events that unfolded. 

Anxiety and School Stress: Lily’s Story

Lily opens up on her journey with anxiety and school stress. Anxiety is more than feeling stressed or worried. It can be tough to cope, but with the right support, things can get better.


Burn Out to Brilliance. Recovery from Chronic Fatigue

In 2001 Linda Jones’s world changed. As a young and successful business woman she was living a happy and fulfilled life; working long hours travelling the country, a fitness fanatic who enjoyed a full social life. Looking back there was recognition that this was unsustainable. Early recognition signs and symptoms were ignored, and led to complete burn out.


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