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Here you can get answers to the most frequently asked questions about We.Care and online psychology


We have gathered the moste frequently asked questions here. If you still have questions, then feel free to contact us here.

Common questions

How does online psychology work?
With online psychology you are able to select when and where the conversation shall take place. On your computer in the office? On your tablet while sitting on the couch? No transportation time and less waiting time – this is psychological treatment based on your needs.

At We.Care the client can communicate with their psychologist via text or video depending on what the client prefers. If you wish to have a video conversation, then either you or your psychologist can suggest a time via the booking system and together decide a time for the appointment. The conversation takes place live via web-cam, just like traditional consultation takes place face to face. In addition to the video conversations you are able to contact the psychologist whenever you want through our mail function, and then your psychologist will reach out to you as soon as possible with an answer.

What can We.Care help with?
At We.Care we try to have as many psychologists as possible, to be able to help as many as possible, in the best possible way. We.Care helps you in the best possible way, by matching you with a psychologist, who has the right competencies to help you overcome exactly the challenges you face.

Our psychologists work with subjects like:

Eating disorders
Grief and loss
Job and career
Relationships and family

If you are in doubt about whether our psychologists match your needs, then reach out to our support and learn more.

When can I get started?
If you sign up today, we guarantee that we will respond to you within 24 hours and find the best psychologist for you.

If you want to write to your psychologist, then you can do this immediately after, and your new psychologist will respond within 24 hours.

If you want to have a video consultation with your psychologist, then it depends on your own as well as the psychologist’s calendar. Our psychologists keep multiple times available every week, so you are able to get started quickly if you want to.

How do I find a psychologist?

If you wish to find a psychologist, then you can create your own user here. We match each client with one of our psychologists based on a combination of the client’s challenges and the psychologist’s professional capabilities and competencies. We do this to ensure that everyone gets the best possible help at We.Care.

How much does it cost?

We.Care is a bit cheaper than the regular prices for traditional authorised psychological treatment. A single consultation costs 875kr. for 50 minutes, which is cheaper than the market standards. If you want to have multiple consultations, then we also offer a multi pass consisting of 5 sessions, where you get one session for free. Hear more about our prices here.

You can also write with a psychologist as much as you want to for only 800 kr. a month.

Can I receive a subsidy?
Yes, you can receive a subsidy from health insurance “Danmark” as well as many other different private health insurances.
Do I need a referral from my doctor?
No, with We.Care you don’t need a referral from your doctor. You can sign up right away, and get an appointment with an authorised psychologist without having to wait.
Is it safe to use We.Care?
We.Care is a secure and encrypted platform for online-psychology conversations, where your data’s safety is ultimately the most important thing. Therefore every part of the system is built from the strictest principals about security, with the same standard for encryption as the biggest netbanks. Furthermore We.Care guarantees that your personal data will never be misused.
Can I use We.Care outside of Denmark?
As a user at We.Care you can use all of our services everywhere. Though it is worth noting that your App Store has to be connected to a Danish Apple-ID for you to be able to download the We.Care-app for iPhone and iPad.

Security is our top priority

We.Care’s platform is built around the principles for data security as well as full GDPR-compliance. Our foundation is built on an understanding of how important it is to exchange personal thoughts in a private, closed room.

Who is in charge of the security?

Security is built by people. This is why We.Care’s security system is built by some of the leading experts in the world, that creates a team of IT Security Managers, who have used all their experience within their field to create a safe system for sensitive data. Furthermore, we continuously use experts to ensure that everything is stored safely.

How are the conversations encrypted?

Every video call on We.Care is encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standards (AES), and every visit is encrypted irrespective of whether you use a desktop-computer or your smartphone. This ensures that you can safely use We.Care for video conversations, even when you are connected to a wifi on an open, public hotspot. Our standard is called AES256, which is the highest encryption level within the well acknowledged AES-system. If one of the participants in the video conversation is not able to support the 256-standard, then the system will automatically change to 128-bit encryption, which in itself is extremely safe. 

In the beginning of each session our system will create random keys for encryption and change them regularly during the session to be able to keep the highest imaginable level of safety.


How is transaction data encrypted?

On our platform we use SSL-certificates to create an encrypted connection between the user and the platform, which ensures, that when your for example write a message, update a journal, write a note change your profile or take part in a video session, then all data will be sent through a secure protocol.

How does the security for stored data work?

All stored data is encrypted and stored in our data centers on multiple different levels. This is because the more barriers and different systems we have created between the outer world  and your data, the more safe your data is. 

Furthermore, all of our data is saved on servers in Europe, where our processes are in complete accordance with all GDPR-regulations.

Technical requirements

What technical requirements are needed to use We.Care?

We.Care is easy to use and get started with. You login at We.Care with your email address and a password that you choose yourself. The only thing you need to do is open an internet browser to access We.Cares homepage and from there you can create a profile and logon to the platform.

Which internet browser do we recommend?

We recommend our users to download and install either Chrome, Firefox or Safari on your PC or Mac, to get the full experience and benefit of We.Care’s tools. If you already have one of the three browsers installed, then you are free to proceed to use We.Care.

We recommend that you either use a PC or Mac for video conversations. If you use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, then you should exchange your browser to one of the three previously mentioned, when you want to use We.Care.

If you choose to use an iPhone or iPad for video conversations, then we recommend that you use Safari. This is due to the fact that we sometimes experience technical difficulties with Chrome and Firefox when using different Apple-products. Furthermore your iPhone or iPad has to be updated to IOS 9 or newer to be able to use the video functionality.

We recommend that you use Chrome as your browser, if you use a tablet or smartphone with an Android-system.

How do I install one of the recommended internet browsers?

We.Care recommends that you use either Chrome, Firefox or Safari when using our system.

Below you will find guides for installation:

Chrome installation guide for Mac

Firefox installation guide for Mac

Chrome installation guide for Windows

Firefox installation guide for Windows

What are the minimum requirements for internet connection?

When you as a user at We.Care use either a wireless or a wired connection for video consultations at We.Care’s platform, you need to make sure that your connection is at least at 0,3 Mbit in both upload and download for both users.

This is only relevant if you as an user repeatedly experience issues with establishing or keeping the video connection. If your internet connection is too weak it can cause screen outage and delay of signal. If you are interested in reviewing your internet connection, then you can test it at, by following this link.

Does We.Care have an app?

Yes. It is downloadable for Android on Google Play and for iPhone and iPad in the App Store.

Technical difficulties

What do I do if I experience sound issues?

If you have difficulties with being able to hear the other person in the video call, then check if all wires to your speakers or headphones are connected correctly and make sure that the sound level on the computer is turned all the way up. If you still experience issues with being able to hear the other person in the video call, then you can check your sound settings by:


-Right click on the sound icon in the right corner of the screen

-Click on “open settings for sound”

-Vælg din “outputenhed”

-Select your “output device”


-Click on settings

-Click on “sound”

-Make sure to select the speakers that are installed in Mac under “sound out” and “sound in”

What do I do if I experience picture issues?

If you or the other user experience issues with getting your picture displayed during the video consultation, you firstly need to make sure that all wires are connected correctly. If that does not solve the problem, then the user can check their camera settings by:


-Click on the search icon in the left corner of the screen

-Search “camera information” and click on “settings for protection of camera informations”

-Under “access to camera for this device is activated” push the button “shift” and make sure that your camera is activated

-Under “choose, which apps that can gain access to your camera” make sure that you have given your chosen internet browser permission to use the selected camera.

-Close the tab

What do I do if I experience issues with my microphone?

If you or the other user experience issues with being able to hear each other, then it might be due to the microphone or the microphone’s settings. First and foremost you need to ensure that all wires are connected correctly. You can follow the guide above to check if your sound settings are correct, and check if your microphone settings are correct by following this guide:


-Click on the sound icon in the right corner of the screen

-Search “microphone configuration” and click on microphone configuration

-Adjust your microphone

-Close the tab


-Click on “settings”

-Click on “sound”

-Make sure to select the speakers that are installed in Mac under “sound out” and “sound in”

If you still experience difficulties with being able to hear, see or talk with the other person in the video call, it might be due to difficulties with your internet connection or choice of browser.

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