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Talking with Arni was like someone holding up a mirror, forcing me to face what I already know inside to understand how it influences my life. I felt more accountable and dedicated to the process since I knew he was there waiting for updates on how I am doing. I am in a better place than what I was when I started with We.Care. I learned a lot over the last months and it was good to have a professional putting things into perspective.

I personally preferred the writing as it simply gave me more time to think about things, reflect and put thoughts into words. Also I can do it in my own rhythm and speed.

I would recommend We.Care. I liked the overall experience. It is quite easy to incorporate into one’s life, even though one works full-time. And the price for value ratio is also fair. I personally believe that so many people would benefit from talking to a therapist, so it is quite a shame that it is still attached with such great stigma in our society. But We.Care provided me with a solution that worked for me, my needs and my life circumstances, to focus on my mental well-being.

And also – great customer service!

– Julia, 29, Marketing Manager

Both times I used We.Care I got the help that I needed. I am happy that I found We.Care and I have always had success in getting help with the challenges that I have been working on.

– Freya, 34 

It has been a great support to be able to message my psychologist when I was in the tough moments. My psychologist replied fairly quickly. I handled several crises in that way. I was desperate to get help from a psychologist, who was qualified to work with me on the challenges I was going through. And I found that here. I felt I was in good hands.

– Louise, 27

The chat and video sessions have worked very well for me:) The chat is a nice way to be able to reflect over things on an ongoing basis and takes away the pressure to have to remember everything you want to discuss, which could be the case in traditional face-to-face therapy. By having the video connection gives the added value of being able to better connect with the person you are sharing quite personal things to and fill in the gaps that inevitably occur in writing. I’m happy to have tried We.Care and now know where to seek help next time, if needed.

What surprised me with trying this approach was that after some time went by, I started to feel that it would be nice to meet the person (in person) that I’m sharing personal issues to. Initially I didn’t think about this aspect. I think that that could be a nice option to have in some way. In case I would continue the therapy later and it would be an ongoing thing, I might be inclined to arranging one physical meeting with the therapist least once, just to have that extra sense of trust. But please don’t get me wrong, the therapy with Arni was very good and I was very comfortable with everything 🙂 I’ve been super happy with the overall experience and have already advertised it to friends 🙂 Thank you again and see you later!

– Laura, 33 

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Meet our authorised therapists that have a broad clinical experience. We assign you a dedicated therapist, who will help you work process difficult emotions and give you tools to reach your goals, so that you can live the life you want to. When you take the first step, you will start to identify thoughts and behaviour, that holds you back – and you will lean how to overcome them with time. 


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