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Areas of expertise

Life-crisis, personal development, stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, couple counseling, work/life balance, working relationships, private relations


Broad clinical experience

Kim is a mature and experienced licensed psychologist, who works focused on early during the talks to mobilize resources which will add new tools in your efforts to handle your current life situation, regardless of the situation is of a professional nature or of a private nature.

One of his prominent characteristics is that he is involved in helping you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your ressources, as well as he is focused on your development of tools for handling sensitive aspects of your personality.

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About Kim

Age: 62 years

Work experience:Before I graduated as a psychologist, I worked in the private sector and in the public sector in smaller and larger companies. It is my experience that my former occupation contributes to a broader understanding in my work, both as a commercial psychologist and as a private practicing psychologist. One of my prominent characteristics is that I am approaching my clients at eye level with warmth, comfort, respect and humor with a solid and experienced attitude in the work with the issues that they are experiencing in their lives.

Education: Psychologist, cand. psych. aut., licensed psychologist and therapist.

Courses and continuing education: Courses and workshops within Psychodynamic psychotherapy, systemic education within the workfield of organizational psychology and bodily oriented therapeutic education and workshops.

Languages: Psychological treatment in Danish and English

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In all anxiety you may find a message, in other words the anxiety wants to tell you something, about its origin, related to situations in which it occurs. In my work with you, who experience anxiety, you will find that we work on uncovering the origin of the anxiety and thereby developing tools, so that you in future will be able to contain the anxiety. The aim is furthermore that you will experience that the intensity of the anxiety will decrease early on.”

An Understanding of You as a Human Being

One of my prominent characteristics are, that I am involved in helping you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself as a human being, both within professional areas and as well as within a private context. I am often confronted with clients who experience to be affected by new realizations, whenever they get in touch with themselves in new ways and their vulnerability and from that position experiences that they are able to handle newly found sensitive aspects of their personality.


Many human beings experience stress shortly in their lives. In my work with you, who experience stress, we will initially work on the most efficient approach to your current state, so that you early will be able to discover a slight recovery. In addition to that, I am offering you to work on tools and resources, in order to prevent developing stress again.”

Form of treatment

My work is a mixture consisting of psychodynamic, systemic, meta-cognitive and body-oriented psychotherapy. You will experience it as a natural and experienced approach, that exchange between the theoretically different methods, aligned with who you are, what will work in connection with the theme. My body-oriented therapeutic background will show in my awareness of your bodily reactions and resources during the process.

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