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Anxiety, Depression, LGBTQ+, identity, chronic illness, unexplained physical symptoms/diseases, close relations of persons with chronic illness, stress


Educated psychologist under authorization

Albert finished his psychology-education at The University of Southern Denmark in 2022 and is currently under authorization at We.Care. Albert is especially adept when it comes to treatment of young people, and young people with LGBT-related problems in particular. The price for a session with Albert is DKK 738, if you use the code “ungepris” when signing up. You can also write with Albert – chosing what we call “Text-based Therapy”. With Text-based Therapy you can write as much and as often as you need for the price of DKK 726. The deal then is that Albert responds with a profound answer within 24 hours on worddays.

You can also get a free 30 minutes pre-interview with Albert. More info below.

What does it mean to be “under authorization“?
It first of all means that the psychologist has finished and passed his/hers 5 years university education and bears the title Cand.psych. Plenty of psychologists subsequently work without ever taking an official authoraization. But if the psychologist chose to get an authorization he or she will need around 1000 hours of extra experience, including supervision – which is a professionel guidance – special training and sparring with experienced therapists in We.Care.

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About Albert

Age: 25

Education: Cand. psych. 

Courses and continuing education: 

– Digital Safety Planning for Suicide Prevention, 2022
The New NICE Guideline for ME/CFS(2021): Following the Science, 2022
European Network for Psychosocial Crisis Management kursus, 2017

Languages: Psychological treatment in Danish and English

Please note: If it is Albert in particular you want to book, just write this as a comment when you register. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Anxiety and Stress

Although anxiety and stress are different, they are both natural reactions that exist to protect us in situations where we experience pressure or danger. When we become scared or stressed, the body’s alarm system is activated. Short periods with an increased amount of stress or fear are not in themselves a problem. In fact, both can help us perform better, for example in an exam, or other high-pressure environment. However, if you have been under pressure for an extended period of time, or are beginning to experience that your everyday life is being disrupted or limited, it may be a sign that your body’s alarm system is over-activated. This is where we start referring to anxiety and stress as conditions that require treatment.

When working with anxiety and stress, the first step is working out exactly how you experience your stress and/or anxiety, and in which situations it occurs. Based on that, we can start developing a better understanding of what it is that activates your body’s alarm system, and what we can do to make it less active. This can be with the help of exercises, and tasks that you can complete in-between sessions.

Being queer, and life on the LGBTQ+ spectrum

“There can be many reasons to seek out therapy as a queer person. Maybe you are just starting to figure yourself out, and you want a safe space to talk about and explore your feelings on things such as identity, sexuality, gender or gender expression. Or maybe you are currently dealing with unsupportive family, friends, or classmates/colleagues, and need constructive advice on how to talk with, and navigate through these relationships. Or, maybe your struggles have nothing to do with you being queer, but you simply find it more comfortable opening up to someone, who you know is part of the community themself.

Regardless of your specific reasons or circumstance, I will do my very best to help you.”

Depression and negative thoughts

All people will at times experience that they are rather ‘down’, and that negative thoughts and worries take up a lot of time and mental space. But if this goes on for a longer period of time, or starts interfering with your everyday life, it may be a good idea to seek help. This is also where there may be talk of depressive thoughts, or depression. There are several levels of depression, ranging from mild to severe. But even a mild depression can mean that everything feels hopeless and unmanageable.

Negative thoughts and depression are particularly well treated using cognitive and behavioral therapy methods. The main theme of this type of therapeutic approach is that we work with your concrete thoughts and actions. We start where you experience the most issues. For example, if you experience rumination, where negative thoughts swarm around your head and, for example, make it difficult for you to fall asleep at night, then the first step will be to work on minimizing the ruminations, and possibly at the same time create better sleep habits, so you can be well-rested.”

Form of treatment

There can be many different reasons for someone to start seeing a therapist. It can be anything, ranging from reactions to a particular event – such as grief after a death of someone close to you, to working with your own internal structures, such as self-confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes you may not even know what it is you need help with, but just that something is hurting. For me, the most important thing is to meet you where you are, and create a space where you can be completely yourself. And no matter what you bring with you, I will always respect you, and take your issues seriously.

My work is a mixture consisting of psychodynamic, systemic, meta-cognitive and body-oriented psychotherapy. You will experience it as a natural and experienced approach, that exchange between the theoretically different methods, aligned with who you are, what will work in connection with the theme. My body-oriented therapeutic background will show in my awareness of your bodily reactions and resources during the process.

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Licensed therapy through webcam

Video-consultations takes please like a traditional face-to-face live via web-cam on your computer, tablet or smartphone, as you know it from for example Teams or Zoom. But it takes place through We.Care’s self-developed encrypted and safe solution.

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Written psychological treatment

Written psychology-help takes place like on email, but through a encrypted and secure platform. You write exactly when it suits you and as often as you want to. Your psychologist will respond within 24 hours on working days.

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