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About Therapy Online

Let your therapist come to you - no waiting period, it's easy and flexible.

Online therapy allows you to meet with your therapist in the safety of your own home or at any other location that fits you.

Several of our clients have consultations from their workplace in a quiet enclosed meeting room. Some even have consultations from other countries where they are posted, on vacation or on exchange.


Online therapy makes therapy more accessible for more people.

This applies, for example, to people with physical disabilities – permanently or temporarily. To people who experience barriers when getting out of the house during a sick leave or when they are dealing with stress or depression.

It’s helping those who are severely limited by their anxiety about showing up at a practice or being among other people.

Our authorized psychologists will meet you online on your terms. As we do not have any waiting time, you can get started with your treatment immediately.

“The chemistry and alliance between you and your therapist is key to your process and recovery no matter what challenges you face. That is why finding the therapist who best suits you and your challenges is so important for us.”

Rikke Nørgaard Elster

Psychologist and Head of Clinical Services at We.Care

The alliance between you and your therapist is key

One of the factors that makes therapy work and helps you move forward is the relationship you build with your therapist. Chemistry is crucial to your process and recovery – no matter what challenges you face.

That is why helping you find the best possible therapist for you and the challenges you face is a major priority for us. Research shows ‘chemistry‘ as one of the most highly rated factors by recipients of treatment, and just as highly as in traditional face-to-face therapy.

Recipients of treatment rate ‘relationship’ and ‘presence’ in video consultations just as highly as in face-to-face therapy across a range of diagnoses.

Other People Say

“I would recommend We.Care. I liked the overall experience. It is quite easy to incorporate into one’s life, even though one works full-time. And the price for value ratio is also fair. I personally believe that so many people would benefit from talking to a therapist, so it is quite a shame that it is still attached with such great stigma in our society. But We.Care provided me with a solution that worked for me, my needs and my life circumstances, to focus on my mental well-being.

And also – great customer service!”

Julia, 29

“The chat and video sessions have worked very well for me:) The chat is a nice way to be able to reflect over things on an ongoing basis and takes away the pressure to have to remember everything you want to discuss, which could be the case in traditional face-to-face therapy.  By having the video connection gives the added value of being able to better connect with the person you are sharing quite personal things to and fill in the gaps that inevitably occur in writing. I’m happy to have tried We.Care and now know where to seek help next time, if needed.

Laura, 33

Our Client Care team will answer all your questions

Everything we talk about both in writing and on the phone is confidential and will take place on our GDPR secured platform.

In addition, all our therapists are subject to professional secrecy.

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