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– With Preventive Stress, Anxiety & Depression Program


Reduce your sick leave with preventive self-help


Get happier, more balanced, and more productive employees


Prevent stress, anxiety and more with our online programmes created by authorized psychologists

Evidence-based Preventive Self-help

Online iCBT-programs

Specialized stress, anxiety, and depression programs developed by licensed therapists.

Read or Listen

Hundreds of exercises and articles within mental health. Experienced presenters have made the psychological content easy to understand.

Selfcare – but never alone

The employee is assisted by a healthcare guide who provides exercises, answers questions, and ensures adherence to the programs.

“Evidence is showing that iCBT can be as effective as other treatment formats, while still being more cost-effective”

Anderson, G. (2018) Internet interventions: Past, present and future. Internet Interventions 12 (2018) 181–188. 

Evidence-based iCBT programs

Stress program

The employee receives concrete tools to better structure and prioritize their time, define which activities recharge and drain their energy. Later in the program, the deeper causes of stress are addressed.

Anxiety program

The program teaches the employee how to spot and manage anxiety – and what specifically happens in the brain. Furthermore, concrete exercises are explored that can, among other things, help distinguish thoughts from emotions.

Depression program

This program can help individuals suffering from mild to moderate depression. The exercises and tools provide insights into values, surplus-creating activities, and specific and time-bound goals, among other things.

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