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Areas of expertise

Close relationships (romantic and platonic), emotional regulation and mindfulness, complex trauma, PTSD, personal development and spirituality

Broad clinical experience

Kristina is a graduate of the University of Copenhagen. She is a licensed psychologist with broad experience – and has 16 years of experience working in both private practice and in public treatment. She has had thousands of consultation hours and can provide psychological help for a wide range of psychological conditions and issues such as; stress, anxiety, depression, crisis management, grief processing, trauma, and personal development, relationships, and various forms of life upheavals. As a couple and family therapist, she has a special interest in helping those who are experiencing difficulties in their close relationships such as in love relationships, family relationships and friendships.

If you feel that your challenges are not covered by these categories, you should know that therapy with Kristina will always be based on your specific issues. With professional eyes, she can help you deal with the thoughts you have and the situation you are in, so that you can get the course that best suits your needs.

In addition to a broad general experience, Kristina has further specialized in the areas below.

Briefly about Kristina

Work experience: 16 years of experience as a psychologist in both private and public clinic

Education: Educated as a psychologist from the University of Copenhagen in 2005. Completed a master’s degree in couples and family therapy in Canada in 2007. Educated as a Dialectical Behavior Therapist and Somatic Experiencing Therapist.

Courses and continuing education: Has taken several courses in MBCT and Schedule Therapy

Methodologically approach:Dialectical Behavior Therapy, mindfulnessbasedcognitive therapy, family and couples therapy and Somatic Experiencing®

Language: Psychological help in Danish and English

Available hours

You do not need an inquiry

NB: If you wish for Kristina to be your therapist, please let us know when you sign up. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Relationship issues

“Relationship problems have to do with the problematic patterns that we develop in the relationship with our partner over time. One party may express a desire for more presence, while the other party feels criticized and withdraws into themself. Such a pattern is self-reinforcing and can lead to stress and conflict in a relationship.

Whether you are looking for help with your relationship in individual therapy or in couple therapy, the process is to map out the inappropriate patterns in your relationship and find ways to create new and better patterns so that you can thrive again. ”

Problems regulating emotions

“Problems with regulating emotions can manifest in several ways such as in addiction issues, problems with feeling rejected and misunderstood by others, problems with sleep, anxiety and stress and problems with self-critical thoughts and shame reactions.

When we have trouble regulating emotions, we are often particularly sensitive in our close relationships and often experience anxiety about rejection, anxiety about not being valued and loved. The therapeutic process is focused on learning to recognize and regulate the painful emotions through the use of mindfulness, self-compassion and other emotion-regulating techniques. ”


“Trauma reactions can occur after an overwhelming experience where we have felt threatened physically or mentally. Typical reactions are; involuntary re-experiencing of the trauma in the waking state or as a nightmare, avoidance of anything reminiscent of the trauma, increased vigilance, withdrawal from others, and difficulty concentrating.

These symptoms have to do with a dysregulated nervous system. The therapeutic process is focused on restoring balance in the nervous system and releasing some of the bodily tensions associated with the trauma. The process is gentle, as it is important that you do not feel overwhelmed again, like when you initially experienced your trauma. ”

Briefly about Kristina’s therapy

“Many people find it to be a sentitive topic to share feelings and seek therapeutic help. As a psychiatrist it is important for me to create a safe environment where you feel respected and understood. It is also important for me to let you that I will take your problems serious and engage fuly in order to help you change your life. ”

What is online therapy?

Study shows that online therapy have the same effect as traditionally face-to-face therapy.

Briefly about Licensed therapy online

Online psychological therapy is all psychological treatments via the internet. This means that online therapy works through tablets, smartphones and computers.

Licensed therapy through webcam

Through online therapy you will meet live with your therapist face-to-face. Together, you will find a consultation date.

Written psychological therapy

You can text your therapist whenver you like. On an ongoing basis, you can write to your psychologist and work on your challenges now and here and when they arise. Your therapist will answer your message within 24 hours on week days.

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What is online therapy?

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