We are updating this platform in the evening/night between Wednesday, May 31st and Thursday, June 1st. Here are the answers to the most common questions:

What are the benefits of the new platform?

  1. It runs significantly faster
  2. It is still secure and encrypted to the highest standard
  3. It is more user-friendly
  4. You will have access to “We.care Selfcare”
    Selfcare is a self-help universe that contains a lot of articles and exercises related to anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness, business coaching, couples therapy, mindfulness, and general mental health. Selfcare will continuously be expanded with more content within all areas, as well as some new areas.

What will happen on May 31st and June 1st?
From 4:00 PM on Wednesday, May 31st, until 8:00 AM on Thursday, June 1st, you will not be able to access the platform. This means that you will not be able to book or accept sessions or communicate with your therapist. If you and your therapist have already scheduled a session during this time, your therapist will contact you to schedule a new time.

What will happen to my data?
We will transfer all user profiles, appointments, journal data, written history, etc. to the new platform, so all data will be safely, unchanged, and encrypted.

How else will it affect me?
The only thing you will notice is that from the morning of Thursday, June 1st, you will log in to a more modern, faster, and more user-friendly platform.

How do I log in to the new platform?
You log in to the same place with exactly the same login (email) and password as in the current platform. If you have set your browser to remember your login and password, you will no longer have this feature from June 1st. Also, if you have forgotten your login, you can simply reset your password on the day and choose a new one. There will be a link to “Reset password” on the login page.

Where can I get answers if I have questions?
You can call Client Care at + 45 53 53 59 17 (on weekdays 9am-16pm) or write to hello@we.care, comment on this article, or in… yes, the platform 😊 During the days around the launch, we will have extra staffing so that we can quickly answer your questions. We have really made an effort with this new improved platform, and we hope you will like it.

Kind regards
Team we.care

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